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by Max Gordon
August 29, 2004

(Extra Rich Recipe)

Preheat a gas oven to 911°F.

In a small bowl, mix together one unfairly selected president, a vice president with corporate ties and a neo-conservative agenda.

In large pan, take the grief from a tragic national incident and place on stove, turning heat to high. Scramble the truth and slowly add grief while whipping “war on terrorism” propaganda and “axis of evil” fear until firmly set.

Carefully fold in lies and confusion.

(For darker recipe, use a black National Security Advisor and Secretary of State to distract from racist implications of the war while placing AIDS, unemployment and the black community on a back burner.)

Divide country and cut all dissenters of war into small pieces. Separate those who fit the war’s racist profiling and freeze anti-war discourse. Shred incriminating documents. Drain international goodwill and taxpayer’s money to fund war. (If you can’t find any “weapons of mass destruction” you may substitute “the liberation of the Iraqi people” instead.)

Cover (up) all dead U.S. troops and Iraqi casualties while thickening combined batter with grandiose statements like “Mission Accomplished” and “Bring it On.”

Grease pans generously with oil from Iraq and cover finished cake with American and Iraqi blood.

Serves none.

Max Gordon


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You and Michael Moore should get married. I think it's legal in Hawaii.

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